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How We Can Help

All services are free & confidential!


The Center's staff can support clients and their loved ones by attending court and trial proceedings if the client requests.

The Center's staff and volunteers are trained to respond to on-site and hospital examination calls where we can provide information regarding the medical process after a sexual assault has occurred.  The Center also has a full-time Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Coordinator who can perform medical forensic examinations (MFE; rape kit) if the patient chooses to do so.

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Police Car Lights

The Center's staff and volunteers can provide information about the criminal justice process and answer questions you may have about the process. You also can contact staff or your assigned detective for updates on your case.

The Center works with The Family Center of Columbus: Family Counseling of Columbus to provide six free sessions (with the option for an extension of additional sessions) for survivors and their loved ones.

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Support Groups

The Center partners with The Family Center: Family Counseling of Columbus to provide FREE support group for adult female survivors. Sessions are lead by a trained, licensed therapist.

The Center can provide free customized training to agencies, churches, schools, or other organizations for FREE.  We can speak on topics such as: sexual violence, child sex abuse, human trafficking, dating violence, stalking, sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STD/Is), and much more.

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Giving a Speech

The Center's staff can come to your agency or organization and provide customized training for FREE covering a wide array of topics: sexual violence, rape culture, child sex abuse, state and federal statutes, human trafficking, dating violence, stalking, sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STD/Is), and much more. We also regularly attend community events to provide information about our services and support.

The Center's staff works with other agencies and organizations to help with the payment of certain medications, transportation to appointments, replacement of clothing or bedding that is collected for evidence, or other issues related to the client's assault.

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The Center's staff and volunteers can provide information and answer questions about about Georgia's Victim's Compensation program. When other resources are exhausted, the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program (Victims Comp) may be able to assist you with up to $25,000 in compensation for expenses and loss of income or support as a result of the victimization. Staff can assist in applying for compensation assistance as well.

If client chooses, The Center's staff can provide information about possible civil action and can make a referral to outside sources. However, we cannot provide legal advice.

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