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Support is here

The Center can provide a referral for free sessions to Family Counseling of Columbus (a part of The Family Center of Columbus) to ANYONE impacted by sexual violence, dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking. Free support group is also available for adult female survivors.


Community Partners

The Center has enjoyed working with Family Counseling of Columbus (a part of The Family Center of Columbus) over the course of many years.  We are proud to maintain this partnership and hope to continue to work with the FCC to provide services to survivors and their loved ones.

Background and information on Family Counseling of Columbus

Family Counseling of Columbus provides outpatient clinical counseling, education, and support services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Family Counseling of Columbus emphasizes personal growth, healthy personal and relationship development, and the healthy management of situational change or crises. We help our clients face challenges such marital problems, parent-child problems, job loss, depression, anxiety, and/or medical issues, or heal from traumas such as sexual or physical abuse. Counseling may also be aimed at symptom reduction, improved functioning, and better management of emotional, mental, or behavioral problems. 

Each year Family Counseling of Columbus serves approximately 5,000 men, women, and children; 95% of those we serve report an improved sense of hope, relief, and ability to cope and function after their first session, and 98% of our clients would recommend Family Counseling of Columbus to family and friends in need. If you need a difference in your life…let us help you make it!

​If you've been a victim of sexual violence, dating violence, stalking, or human trafficking, you may be considering counseling to help you sort through your feelings and develop healthy coping strategies.  The Center can connect you with six free sessions of counseling at The Family Center with additional extensions if needed.


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